About Us

I would strongly recommend BGD&C if you want a truly personalized and unique home and, perhaps more important, a seamless experience throughout the design and construction process...
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- Mario and Traci

Creating exceptional lifestyle homes for extraordinary lives


Founded in 1986, BGD&C is a full-service design/build firm specializing in well-crafted homes within Chicago’s Lincoln Park and Gold Coast neighborhoods. With over three decades of architectural design and construction expertise in both new and renovated residential properties, BGD&C has earned a reputation for its exceptional quality and unparalleled service. Headquartered in the iconic John Hancock Building, BGD&C’s focus is ‘distinctly Chicago’ and its historical love of architecture. Each project offers the opportunity to create a unique home that is as singular and remarkable as its clientele. As stewards of quality and craftsmanship, BGD&C produces homes with passion and precision.

The Difference

BGD&C distinguishes itself from other homebuilders and developers by focusing exclusively on the client’s needs and desires by only building custom designed homes. They do not build spec homes, which are essentially, ‘customized stock’ models. The design team is small, dedicated and immersed in every detail of the planning, aesthetic and execution of each residence. Client communication is paramount. The company commits attention to your client’s project, working at most on two to three projects concurrently; a commitment to bona fide quality requires a bona fide commitment to time. Likewise, budgets and timelines are strictly followed; most projects ultimately do not vary more than five percent from budget - unheard of in the building business.


BGD&C believes in timeless, elegant design and a commitment to the highest levels of quality and engineering. To achieve this, each detail is carefully evaluated and options considered before it is engineered and weighed for quality and cost prior to presenting to the client. The company’s commitment to understanding client lifestyles, personal needs and finding the ideal union of function and aesthetic is foremost. If a client desires a unique design element, the team and its artisans and craftsmen work together to engineer and produce the perfect solution; likewise, space plans are revised and re-revised until it’s a perfect fit.


Known for their meticulous attention to detail and high standards for construction, BGD&C transforms ideas and materials into reality. The complicated process of building custom homes is proficiently managed, ensuring an exquisite finished product that surpasses all expectation.


Being local gives BGD&C a unique perspective on design and urban living. The company’s principals live in the same neighborhoods as their clients, and those roots lend insight when crafting clients’ homes. Young families, full-grown families and couples seeking their own special place all look to the firm for a custom residence with that signature touch of high quality. Merging originality and exclusivity with superior style, quality, detail and craftsmanship, BGD&C creates homes of lasting memories and tradition.