The BGD&C Difference

BGD&C distinguishes itself from other home builders and developers by focusing exclusively on designing and building custom homes for our clients. Since the firm’s founding in 1986, we have had only one mission – creating unique homes that are as singular and remarkable as our clientele. And with over three decades of architectural design and construction expertise under our belts, we’ve been able to streamline the complicated process of building custom homes, ensuring delivery of an exquisitely finished product that surpasses all expectation each and every time.

Known for our meticulous attention to detail and exacting standards for construction, BGD&C has earned a reputation for exceptional quality and unparalleled service. Which means for us, client communication is paramount. Our small but dedicated team is committed to fully understanding each of our clients’ lifestyles and personal needs, so we can provide the best solution for your homes’ unique design and construction challenges. We pride ourselves on working with passion and precision to transform your family‘s vision into a home of lasting memories and tradition. And we continue our close working relationship with our clients well after move-in. As long as you are in your home (and we hope that’s a long time) BGD&C is there to help with maintenance and upkeep.

Furthermore, being local gives BGD&C a unique perspective on design and urban living. Our company’s principals live in the same neighborhoods as our clients, and those roots lend insight when crafting our homes. Young families, full-grown families, and couples seeking a respite all look to us for a custom residence distinguished by timeless, elegant design, and superior quality.

Our Story

From its earliest incarnation, BGD&C was a company that believed in quality, value, and exceptional customer service. The company’s founders, Rodger Owen and Charles Grode, began with a general contracting firm that catered to the city’s high-end architects for historic renovations, gut rehabs, and kitchen and bath remodeling. Using Rodger’s skills as a master builder and Charles’ organizational and computer skills, the duo would ‘value engineer’ the architects’ plans, providing a more cost-effective solution without sacrificing aesthetic, quality, or design.  After receiving the highest of compliments from each and every satisfied client, they knew they were on to something and decided to form their own design and construction firm specializing in custom, luxury homes. Thus, BGD&C Custom Homes was born.

The duo’s first big opportunity came in the form of a request to design and build a 9,000sf custom home on a double lot near the original Lill Street Studios in Lincoln Park. It was a daunting undertaking for such a young company, but they accepted the opportunity to show what they could really do given the chance. Because the client did not have anything but a list of needs, Rodger sketched out a plan and Charles put together a budget,  thereby allowing full control over the design, engineering, and construction of the project. And by sticking to their core values of quality and customer service, the partners were able to execute and deliver a well designed and engineered custom home, on time and on budget. But beyond the satisfaction of a job well done, the experience also made them realize that by providing design, architectural, engineering, and construction management services under one roof, they were able to eliminate miscommunication between the trades and provide their client with a superior customer service experience. Moving to a design/build construction model allowed them to continue these services for future clients.

Ever since, the team has been refining their craft while producing some of Chicago’s finest homes.

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