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One-of-a-kind, top-tier, custom single-family homes, primarily in Lincoln Park, is the BGD&C specialty

“We are told it is very special. Principals Rodger Owen and Charles Grode expanded to this business on the basis of accolades the firm received for its earlier work on historic renovations and ultra high-end remodeling. … Design is what sets BGD&C apart, clients say, while also praising the company’s on-the-job workmanship and attention to detail. Owen masterminds the design concepts and is the hands-on manager, while Grode oversees the administrative and business tasks. Both are students of art, classical architecture and design, and they travel to Europe regularly in search of ideas, especially those rendered in the old-world craftsmanship they admire and put into practice.”

When we started looking for our dream home, we really wanted a house that would fit our family’s needs perfectly. The space layout, architectural details, and aesthetics all needed to look and feel a certain way. After searching the market, we were unable to find a home that fit our requirements and decided building custom… read more »

— Sandy & Will

Almost twelve years ago, my husband and I decided to build our home with BGD&C.  This came after speaking with other builders and touring a variety of new homes.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made.  We were well cared for from start to finish.  Everything was carefully explained each step of… read more »

— Mary Jo & Tim

In 1999, BGD&C built our first house in Chicago.   The process of designing and building our custom home was both easy and enjoyable.  We found Rodger and Charles to have a great deal of integrity and skill.  The craftsmanship was highly sophisticated and beautifully executed.  We were so happy with the result we had… read more »

— Ann & David

Our professional relationship [with BGD&C] began roughly 14 years ago as we were considering building a home in Chicago. After skimming the market for a couple of years, we decided that we’d be best served to build a home for ourselves; yet, we were apprehensive about the detailed process that it would entail. Deciding to… read more »

— Margot & Josef

Sophisticated Living Chicago Magazine July/August 2017 Issue Excerpt ‘From the Publisher’: If you can’t tell, I have mad respect for hard work and genuineness, which is a big part of why I’m also a fan of Rodger Owen and Charles Grode, the visionaries behind custom home builder BGD&C. The builder’s latest luxury project in Lincoln… read more »

— Bridget McDermott, Owner & Publisher Sophisticated Living

Being a developer of ultra-luxury, high-end, multi-unit condominiums and hotels, I have a lot of experience in the design and the construction business.  When I wanted to build my own home I knew that I needed to put together a team of professionals to be able to satisfy my desires and the desires of my… read more »

— Mario & Traci

First and foremost, let’s be clear, BGD&C is not a spec builder; they are custom builders. Everything they do is 100% customer-oriented and client-driven. With this said, when you work with BGD&C, you get EXACTLY what you want and not a compromise or redo of something that already exists or is being rehashed. Due to… read more »

— Conrad & Elizabeth

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