Land Acquisition

We buy and inventory unique multi-lot properties for potential homebuyers and can also assist in their land search.

Phase I – Preliminary Feasibility Study

The client pays a small retainer (typically $10k – $15k depending on project size and scope) and deposits half the required earnest money (5% of land cost) into escrow to hold the property during this period. This is refundable if the client chooses not to proceed after we submit the Preliminary Proposal. The design retainer is non-refundable.

Zoning Study – We obtain a Plat of Survey and review specific zoning codes for your property, and then do an analysis to determine what can be built within those zoning constraints.

Owner’s Program – We compile the “Owners Program” which becomes the basis for your custom home. We’ll have conversations with you about your lifestyle, needs and wants, the space plan, general room relationships, sizes and number of floors, exterior style, and interior finishes.

Design Concept – We work with you to derive a ‘solution’ to your vision of the home you would like to build, based on the Zoning Study and Owner’s Program. This is only a concept but is often the premise for the actual design.

Budget Analysis – To develop a target budget, we have discussions of desired types of finishes or finish levels and derive an initial schedule of Allowances for each area/item.

Project Schedule – Based on the Design Concept, we develop a proposed time frame for the project from design/build contract to completion.

Phase II – Full Design/Build Project

After deciding to proceed with Phase II, the full design/build project, we submit our design/build contract for legal review. Upon signing the contract, the balance of the earnest money (5% of land cost) and Start Up Fees for design & engineering phase are due.

Architectural and Engineering Services – Working with the client, we review and refine the preliminary design and budgets to develop the final plans and exterior facades, while concurrently updating budgets as we get more detailed information or direction on finish selections.

Working Drawings – Once the design is firmed up we start developing architectural and engineering drawings to assure final intent, quality of detail and build-ability. Note that every detail is designed, engineered, and dimensioned (e.g., we draw every single brick, truss, tile, etc. to make sure it fits exactly) to ensure architectural and aesthetic integrity throughout the process. When the building footprint and floor plan are approved, we develop the Permit Set and submit all necessary documents and information to the city to obtain the building permit.

General Contracting – We provide full contracting services, including pulling all necessary permits, obtaining bids for materials and labor, contracting with and managing vendors and subcontractors, and site management. A highly qualified site supervisor is assigned to continuously monitor construction from start to finish to ensure the quality of the structure and finishes, as well as adherence to design intent.

Project Management – We diligently manage all aspects of a project including the budget and schedule, from initial design to post-construction. We also coordinate directly with the interior designer of your choosing to facilitate the entire design process.

Estimating and Cost Analyses – We provide fully transparent pricing – Cost calculations are agreed upon in the Design/Build Contract and all material and labor proposals are shared directly with the client. As well, the client is alerted if selected finishes are over approved allowance amounts so they can decide whether to proceed or reselect within budget. Nothing is ordered or contracted for without the client’s written approval, which gives the client the opportunity to review and assess project costs at each step.

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