Watch this short animation describing our process for designing and building your custom dream home…

It all starts with finding the right piece of land. Select from our inventory or we can help you find the ideal lot at the perfect location.

Once you’ve secured your land, and before you make any legal or financial commitment to build with us, we perform a Preliminary Feasibility Study. During this phase, we explore what your home might look like, how much it might cost, and how long it would take to build. After working together through various concepts, we’ll provide you with a preliminary design solution that includes plans, a budget, and a timeline.

The next phase is the design/build project. To get going, we’ll review and approve our design/build contract, which spells out our responsibilities in designing and building your home.

We then help you select the perfect interior designer. We want them involved early in the process to ensure the architectural design and interior design are integrated into one seamless vision.

Working with you and your designer, we now start to refine the preliminary design and develop the architectural drawings. Throughout the entire design and build process, you will be approving all design and budget decisions. Nothing gets selected, purchased, or built without your okay.

Once you approve the final architectural design we submit the plans for a building permit.  When permits are granted, we finalize the budget, close on the land, and construction begins.

As we build, we will work with you and your interior designer to finalize all design decisions. Before long, you’ll be moving into your new custom home!

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