First and foremost, let’s be clear, BGD&C is not a spec builder; they are custom builders. Everything they do is 100% customer-oriented and client-driven. With this said, when you work with BGD&C, you get EXACTLY what you want and not a compromise or redo of something that already exists or is being rehashed.

Due to the firm’s small size (yet vast experience) working with them is a pleasure. You are ALWAYS able to reach the team and they take the time to listen to what you want. A great deal of effort is taken to understand the client’s life and goals to ensure that the outcome is better than envisioned.

When we built our dream home with BGD&C there are a few things that really stood out. They are: (1) They were on budget – yes, let me repeat that, they were on budget. (2) They were ahead of schedule. (3) The firm’s principals, Rodger and Charlie, were always reachable for any questions, concerns or ideas. (4) Communication and documentation on the whole design and build project was second to none and there was full accountability for every action and detail. (5) And most importantly we would do the whole process again ANY TIME but ONLY with BGD&C.

BGD&C values and maintains the sterling reputation that they have established. Unlike most builders which are here-today, gone-tomorrow, BGD&C stands by its products and is there for its clients well after the average builder has deemed his warrantee period as being over. Knowing that your builder is always around the corner and always reachable, should there be a problem, is very reassuring.

— Conrad & Elizabeth

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