Our professional relationship [with BGD&C] began roughly 14 years ago as we were considering building a home in Chicago. After skimming the market for a couple of years, we decided that we’d be best served to build a home for ourselves; yet, we were apprehensive about the detailed process that it would entail.

Deciding to proceed with BGD&C was one of the best decisions we could have made. The entire process, from drawings to completion was seamlessly executed. We never felt as though we were being rushed or blind-sighted; quite the opposite, we were as involved as we chose to be on any given subject. The crew that BGD&C employs was always 100% professional and did amazing work throughout. Nothing was overlooked, the budget was adhered to and the end-product was exactly what we desired.

Since moving in in 2004, we’ve never had any substantial problem. Most comforting to me is that when I need something, or have question on anything, either Roger or Charlie is always available within a very short amount of time. They have an amazing project manager who is always available and knows the house intricately. Whether it’s a question regarding the boiler or a touch-up, nothing is too small a request to be fulfilled.

About 5 years ago we added onto our house in the lot next door. Without question, we enlisted BGD&C to perform our addition. Again, their work was perfection and we couldn’t have been happier with the end result. The inconvenience of an addition to our kitchen and family room area, while continuing to live in the house, could have been extremely tiresome; but every care was taken to ensure that disruptions were kept to a minimum. I can’t imagine having enlisted another builder for this delicate project.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. We know that anyone who signs on with BGD&C will have a great experience, just like we did!

— Margot & Josef

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