Tech Tips: The Benefits of Adding Automation to Your Custom Home

Home automation is becoming standard in new homes these days, as everything from the refrigerator to your doorbell is getting smarter. As these technologies continue to expand, so will the possibilities for making your home life easier and more enjoyable.

We enlisted the expertise of Sound Specialists’ Leor Elfassy to learn more about home automation and its impact on our lives.


The applications of home technology nowadays are immense and we are only scratching the surface. Technology has the power to enrich our lives and this is especially evident in innovations in safety and security systems.

From assisted living to home alarm systems, home automation can keep you and your family safe and give parents and caretakers piece of mind when leaving loved ones at home.


Automating your home enables you to allocate time and attention to more important areas of your life. With the press of a button you can ensure all doors and windows are locked, change your thermostat, put down your shades, or adjust the lighting in your home. All of this can now be done on your way out the door. In larger homes especially, these small conveniences can make life much easier for homeowners.

Increase in Home Value

Studies show that a home automation system can increase a home’s value by up to 5%. Smart amenities are not only highly requested, but they are becoming the standard in most luxury homes. Showing prospective buyers that you have paid attention to all of the little details in the home, including how it will be used, is a very attractive way to increase the prospects of a sale.

When incorporating home automation into your custom home, Sound Specialists recommend involving an integrator in the design phase of the home.


“Ensuring that the system is properly planned and in alignment with the overall vision for the home experience is the key to our clients having great experiences with us.”

– Leor Elfassy, Sound Specialists

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