Pandemic shortages and supply-chain issues

The COVID pandemic presented plenty of challenges for people’s health and well being. Some industries came to a standstill. But demand for home-improvement supplies and building materials soared. It also caused some major supply-chain disruptions. Exhibit A: Lumber, which, for a time just a few months ago, was nearly impossible to get, and what was available was extremely pricey.

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How design pros changed their own homes during the pandemic

A lot of us made design changes to our homes during the pandemic to accommodate more people in the family living, working and studying in the house nearly 24/7 for months on end. Interior designer Melissa Benham of Studio Gild, who works on projects in Chicago for BGD&C and in Los Angeles, where she lives, is no exception.

“I definitely did make a couple of changes,” said Benham. “Being able to be outside a lot in Los Angeles really helped, so I amped up my outdoor space. I purchased new furniture—an outdoor sofa, lounge chairs, side tables, and a plethora of new planters and plants to cover every inch of space. It’s been wonderful to be able to bring my laptop outside and take work calls while getting fresh air and a dose of vitamin D. My pups enjoy it too!”

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Custom means lots of choices—and lots of decisions

Building a custom home means that everything in it, from the space configuration and size of rooms to the doorknobs, lights and landscaping, will be designed just for you. That also means a nearly infinite number of choices and lots of decisions. Does that excite you or cause you anxiety? That depends on your personality, but either way, BGD&C is here to help. We spoke with Taryn Lund, senior project manager at BGD&C, for some insight into the process.

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Design Solution: Lincoln Park Venetian Gardens

Struck by the beauty of the Palazzos on the Grand Canal in Venice, the original client of our Lincoln Park Venetian Home requested BGD&C design a true Italian Villa on Chicago’s Gold Coast. When the subsequent owner purchased the home and adjoining properties, BGD&C was called upon to design and build a main plaza, indoor swimming pool and a guest house.

With the indoor swimming pool being on the lower level of the home, providing natural light into the space presented a design challenge. Together with the interior and landscape design teams, BGD&C Custom Homes crafted a solution that served a dual purpose.

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Lincoln Park Greek Revival

The entry of our Lincoln Park Greek Revival home is custom fabricated with solid cherry wood, glass sidelights and a transom. Finished with a product similar to what is used on boats, it guards against the toughest Chicago winters. Its thickness and traditional paneling gives the door a very substantial old-world feel, reflecting the classic nature of the home.

The portico columns are custom, hand-carved, Indiana Oolitic limestone designed in the Composite Order. They incorporate Corinthian leaves with Ionic volutes. The front façade features limestone detailing which was hand-carved and cut specifically for this home.

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Lincoln Park Mediterranean

Featured in Chicago Magazine, this 8500SF new construction, Lincoln Park Mediterranean home resides on two wide lots and was designed for a young family. BGD&C designed a modest home emphasizing an expansive side yard and terrace. The front of the home was kept simple, infused with a traditional Italianate design.

The entry door is a custom fabricated walnut door with a glass transom. The lack of sidelights maintains privacy from the street while the stained walnut compliments the exterior palette of red clay roof tiles, brick, and creamy limestone. Opening onto the terrace, the French doors allow light to drench the interior family room.

The clients did not want to walk into their foyer and have the stair be the first thing one sees. As an alternative, the stair is central to the floor plan, not visible from the foyer, allowing for a more fluid layout.

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The Fireplace

Being both a beautiful piece of ornamentation, and a place to warm your feet on a cold winter’s night, the fireplace is a true union of function and aesthetic. Not only must it work properly (nobody wants a room full of smoke!) but the end product also needs to fulfill the client’s design vision. At BGD&C Custom Homes, it is our strong commitment to the highest levels of quality and engineering that allow for a successful custom fireplace.

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The Grand Stair

At BGD&C we are known for our meticulous attention to detail and high standards for construction; principles that are certainly showcased with a grand stair. So when a client requests that the main stair be a focal point of the home, we are more than happy to oblige by designing an architectural centerpiece with perfect details and striking forms.

Whether the design is traditional or modern, these stately staircases always bring visual interest to the home and are so much more than just a means to get from one floor to the next.

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Gorgeous Gardens

Summer is an amazing time in Chicago. We emerge from months of hibernation to enjoy our beautiful city – bike rides along the lakefront, brunch at our favorite roof top gardens, and backyard BBQs with friends and neighbors.

Unfortunately, summer is all too short here, so at BGD&C we do our best to help our clients milk every last drop of those precious sunny days and magical warm nights with expansive hardscapes, outdoor fireplaces, and covered porches. We also understand outdoor space is at a premium in the Lincoln Park and Gold Coast areas, which is why we are always looking to incorporate roof decks, loggias, and balconies into our custom home designs.

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